About Us


205 Apparel is a custom print and design shop based in Hoover, AL. 205 Apparel was founded through a need to custom print branded apparel for our sister brand Inconcert. As Inconcert.life grew it became apparent that we had the ability to not only print for ourselves, but for others. We began printing high quality products for bands, corporate clients, non-profits, brands, and then individuals.

To our core we love music, art, production, marketing, branding, the environment, and most of all people (and their stories)! We take an experiential approach to our screen printing business. We just love a good tune and a good story!

When we decided to get into screen printing the one thing holding us back was the environmental impact of screen printing. We have been in the recycling industry since 2006 and have recycled millions of tons of material at this point. We made the decision to eliminate as much water, waste water and chemicals as possible in our business. Sticking to our roots we are trying to provide the lowest impact possible on our environment, while still providing the best possible product to our customers. We thermally print our screens in house saving valuable water and energy.